Production Program in Apolda

EUROCYLINDER SYSTEMS AG is producing in Apolda seamless high pressure cylinders with the following parameters

Range of outer diameter in mm:
Range of water capacity in l:
Test pressure in bar:
83 to 267
0.74 to 80.0
250 to 450
60 for acetylene

High pressure steel cylinders are used for the storage and transportation of compressed, liquefied and dissolved under pressure gases. Our high pressure cylinders are manufactured with convex or concave bases.
On customer’s request we complete the cylinders with foot ring, neck ring, valve protection and valve. The delivery of filled steel cylinders is possible as well.



  1. The cylinder body is made of seamless precision steel tube from certified manufacturers.
  2. Special machines cut the tubes into shells of necessary processing length.
  3. Cylinder base and neck are formed by hot reshaping on spinning and roll-up machines.
  4. By means of heat treatment the pre-set values for yield point, tensile strength and ductility are generated.
  5. The complete workout of necks is carried out with a multiple axis CNC machining centre.
  6. The steel cylinders are shot-blasted from inside and outside to make them metallically bright.
  7. Neck rings and foot rings are pressed on the cylinder in cold condition.
  8. Special electronic balances determine the exact weight of the cylinder.
  9. The steel cylinder undergoes numerous quality checks and control stages that accompany machining, such as automatic hardness and ultrasonic tests, hydraulic test as well as control of internal and external surfaces.
  10. Rotary hard stamping of the cylinder data is done in accordance both with legal regulations and special customers' requirements.
  11. Electrostatic paintings can be performed with powder coat or environmentally desirable water lacquers by choice. Special requests regarding the colour are possible.
  12. On request by the customer the steel cylinders can be completed with neck ring, foot ring, valve and valve protection.
  13. Our service includes packing the cylinders and placing them in readiness for shipping.