High pressure steel cylinders manufactured at our company are subject to strong security regulations and quality checks that are paid our highest attention. In December 1993 a quality assurance system was introduced, and since then it has been applied producing the proof that the demands of DIN ISO 9001:2008 are met.


Experienced experts and engineers are appointed in the quality assurance system and carry out the prescribed tests as well as a comprehensive system of controls in manufacture:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection in every phase of operation;
  • Control and registration of heat treatment temperatures by heating lots
    1 heating lot = maximally 202 cylinders;
  • Brinell hardness test (HBW 30);
  • Water pressure test and volumetric control/internal drying of every cylinder;
  • Visual inspection of internal and external surfaces;
  • Run-out check and inspection of the neck thread:
  • Automatic ultrasonic testing in order to detect longitudinal and lateral faults, internal and surface laps along the cylinder wall, as well as observation of minimal wall thickness;
  • Examination of internal cleanness;
  • Gas leak test at a maximum pressure of 80 bar;
  • Final inspection and filing of all quality assurance documents.

In addition to that, destructive material tests are carried out at 2 cylinders from each heating lot:

  • tensile, bending and charpy v notch impact tests as well as taking a sample of the cylinder bottom;
  • hydraulic burst test.


In accordance with the respective field of operation our products are conform to the relevant current international regulations and standards.
For instance, in relation to steel cylinders for the transportation of gases the regulations ADR, RID, RL 2010 / 35 / EU,
To stationary high pressure vessels the regulation RL 1997 / 23 / EC or the AD instruction leaflet are relevant. To high pressure cylinders for the storage of natural gas in motor vehicles we apply the standards ISO 11439 or R 110.

Approvals for other countries which are no members of EC, such as Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand and others, can be applied for after inquiry.

We manufacture gas cylinders and high pressure vessels for special applications, e.g. pressure storages, in a water capacity range from 0.74 l to 80 l.


EUROCYLINDER SYSTEMS AG is a supplier certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.